By breeding two separate breeds you reduce the chances of passing along genetic faults common to pure bred dogs.  I only breed
First Generation Cockapoo puppies.  This means only two pure bred dogs (American Cocker Spaniel, and Miniature Poodle) are used.  This guarantees consistent results in the look and temperament of my Cockapoo puppies.  Breeding 2nd, 3rd, etc. generations will result in inconsistencies in puppies size, shedding, looks as well as increase the chances of hereditary disease.  Why?  Because you could end up with one puppy almost all cocker (heavy shedders) or all poodle depending on how the genes mix for each particular puppy.  Not to mention when moving forward in generations you are also clicking up on the  recessive hereditary diseases genes in each purebred parent.  New breeds of purebred dogs take many, many, generations of breeding and inbreeding.  This is what we are trying to avoid anyway.  So do not look for a cockapoo that is bred any way other that first generation. 

Our cocker spaniel moms and our miniature poodle dads are now DNA tested and CERF clear for
hereditary eye diseases!

Our 100% First Generation Miniature Cockapoo Puppies for sale are:

The advantages of a first generation Cockapoo Puppy are:

Our Miniature Cockapoos come in chocolate brown, buff, black, sable, phantom, black and white parti, apricot, red,
brown and white particolor, red & white particolor cockapoos.

Acura Cockapoos are produced using the finest American Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles, resulting in F1 Cockapoos with the best temperaments, excellent health and just plain beautiful!

Acura Cockapoos...our Cockapoo puppies are loved and played with from the day they are born to go straight from our arms to yours.

We are not quite two hours from Charlotte NC, two hours from downtown Charleston SC, one and a half hours from Greenville, SC and about 3 hours from Atlanta GA, Myrtle Beach SC and Hilton Head SC

Cockapoo breeder of first generation (F1) toy and miniature Cockapoos located in South Carolina.
Acura Cockapoos strives for healthy, friendly, beautiful and intelligent mini Cockapoo puppies for pet homes.
We are delighted to breed the best quality, healthy Cockapoo puppies for sale for families looking for a family pet.

We have any Cockapoo color you might be looking for chocolate, buff, black, sable, phantom, black and white, apricot, red, brown and white cockapoos.
Visit our Cockapoo Colors page to give you an ideal of what some cockapoo puppies will look like.

Attala County Cockapoos - Mississippi - Miniature Cockapoos
Bar Mor Cockapoos and Schnoodles - Miniature Cockapoos & Schnoodles in South Carolina and New York

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Breeder of Miniature Cockapoos in Georgia.
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North Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina            Phone:  803-446-2400         Email:  AcuraCockapoos@sc.rr.com 
F1 First Generation TRUE 100% Miniature Cockapoos For Sale
Chocolate Brown Cockapoos, Black, Particolor, Red Cockapoo, Sable, Apricot Cockapoo Puppies, Buff and Phantom! 

Acura Cockapoos is #1 for Cockapoo Puppies in South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia! Our Toy, Mini, Miniature Cockapoo Puppies in Cockapoo colors such as chocolate brown, sable, red, apricot, black phantom, cream, black, buff and particolor are across the United States and some in Canada!  You will find Acura Cockapoos in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Mississippi, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Connecticut, Alabama, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Nevada.  Most of our Cockapoo puppies are in Atlanta GA, Marietta GA, Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Charlotte NC, Tampa FL, Miami FL, Greenville SC, New York NY, Boston MA, Newark DE.  We have mini Cockapoos Puppies For Sale most of the time so you can get a new Cockapo puppy from Acura Cockapoos when you are ready to add to your family!

Acura Cockapoos specializes in raising healthy and well-adjusted Cockapoo puppies born from qualified and tested cocker spaniels and mini poodles. We are proud to be able to offer a variety of colors:  apricot, cream, black, chocolate, red and white parti, and other parti colors, and well as puppies with unique and beautiful white markings. Our puppies are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding Cockapoo puppies. We serve the entire USA, but are particularly serving the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area and also serving with occasional delivery to areas within our vicinity such as North Carolina: Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; South Carolina: Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; Mount Pleasant, SC; Atlanta, Georgia, GA; Tennessee: Knoxville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN and we offer shipping country-wide. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

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This pretty chocolate brown girl is ready today to go home with you!

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