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WELCOME to my BLOG!  My name is Dee Van Laan. As of Feb. 1, 2019 I no longer own Acura Cockapoos, Inc.  I've learned over the past few months not all those that want to raise puppies have the abilities to do so.  My standards are high no doubt. The start to finish of raising a happy puppy to 7 to 8 weeks of age, placement of my cockapoo puppies in a timely manner, educating those that do adopt one of my puppies, providing support before and after they bring their puppy home, selecting/DNA testing/grooming/vet care, etc. our parent dogs, socialization and so much more are all important parts of successful dog breeding but not everyone feels that way nor do they offer these services. Raising happy, healthy, well bred, sound puppies is a full time, dedicated commitment; one I had and truly miss.  Be careful who you decide to buy your next companion from.

I plan on updating this page every so often with tips on raising cockapoos (or any type of dog really), my personal experiences, my travels (pictures & commentary) and more!

I would love to hear from those who have adopted my cockapoos in the past few years! The last Cockapoo puppies I sent home were from Lulu, Twinkles and Roxanne in February and March of 2019.  If you would like to share pictures or just chat about your sweet Cockapoo I'd love for you to share! 

Please check out the Cockapoo Photo Gallery of some of my Cockapoo puppies!  Send a picture and, who knows, your cutie-poo Cockapoo may be the next addition to the Cockapoo Photo Gallery!

You can reach me by email at

Thank you all and I look forward to writing here and hearing from y'all!

BTW...all pictures on these pages are Cockapoo pictures from my days breeding these wonderful Cockapoos in many colors such as brown, black, apricot and red!

Dee Van Laan

Welcome to Acura Cockapoos, Inc! Home of simple the BEST COCKAPOOS in South Carolina!  Our Cockapoo puppies live across the United States including North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, California, New York and many more states!

Cockapoos, poodles and cocker spaniels are both wonderful, kid friend, family oriented pets!  They make great pets for kids and adults of all ages!!  Cockapoos are highly trainable for many purposes (many of our Cockapoos are therapy dogs!) and are social butterflies meaning they love everyone!

Our Cockapoo puppies come in many cockapoo colors such as apricot, red, chocolate brown, black and others!

Cockapoos are the hybrid cross between the American  Cocker Spaniel & the poodle.  Their popularity has steadily risen over the last 20 or so years. 

The advantages of the Cockapoo crossbreed are:

  • a low to nonshedding, hypoallergenic, softly curling coat
  • above average intelligence
  • playful & spirited behavior
  • easily trainable
  • healthier hybrid vigor

Our cockers are AKC registered/able & have champion lines & our mini poodles come from a top producing kennel to produce the most healthy, temperamentally sound puppies for our cockapoo families.

The puppies are all raised in our home, socialized with people, health warrantied, come fully vaccinated for their  age, age appropriate wormings and microchipped with prepaid registration. We provide vet references if you are seriously considering one of our Cockapoo puppies.   We hope you enjoy our site & feel free to contact us to see if we have your new family member.
Dee Van Laan
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Fromer Owner, Acura Cockapoos, Inc.
No pictures may  be taken from this website without written permission from the owner of this website, Dee Van Laan.