First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
Located in South Carolina! Our F1 Mini Cockapoo Puppies are in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, USA & Canada!


Updated 5/22/17

Puppies Must Go Home On Dates Listed! No Exceptions!

NonRefundable/Transferable Deposit $400 + $13 PayPal Fees, Remainder Due Cash Only @ Pick Up
By Placing a NonRefundable/Transferable Deposit You Automatically Agree to the Health Warranty

Deposits are NON Refundable/Transferable for ANY reason unless at the 7 week wellness check up my vet finds the Cockapoo Puppy unfit for purchase.  
Be sure the Cockapoo Puppy you select is the one you want!  Deposits are NON-Transferable once you select a puppy. 
Credit Card and PayPal fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Read the Health Warranty! By placing your NonRefundabable/Transferable Deposit you
automatically agree to the T&C of the Health Warranty!


Puppies are evaluated daily for temperament; how their personalities are developing for their age on a consistent basis once they begin to walk (about 3 weeks of age). Neither the Mom or Me develops/molds the personality of a puppy.  We are just the start of the process!  When Cockapoo Puppies go home between seven and eight weeks old they are happy, inquisitive, energetic, playful and sweet natured. It is the new families job to further develop and enhance what is started here.  New Families will continue to develop their puppy's personality and build on their great temperament by socialization, training, building respect and love.
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