PET HEALTH INSURANCE - I highly recommend obtaining Pet Health Insurance for your cockapoo! 
Should any illness, accident, hereditary/congenital issue arise after your Health Warranty expires,
you will be covered with Pet Health Insurance. 
CLICK HERE for a Pet Health Insurance Comparison Chart.  
Puppies are evaluated constantly for temperament and soundness as they grow up here.  Their personalities are not developed by the mom or the breeder in the 7 to 8 weeks they are here.  The new family will develop and mold the personality of their puppy with consistent training, love and socialization. When you take your puppy home each of them  has a sweet, happy, inquisitive, and loving spirit.  It is your job as their new Master to train them, socialize them and love them. In return, the bond will be unsurpassed and your new puppy will mature to a dog everyone will want to take home!  

Available Puppies
Updated 3/20/17

  Cockapoo Breeder, Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in South Carolina
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This means I will not hold for vacations, illness(es), school outings, holidays, etc. 
NonRefundable/Transferrable Deposit is $340 plus $13 PayPal Fees. Remainder Due @ Pick Up Cash Only
Shipping is limited to certain times of the year due to the temperature restrictions with the airlines.  If you require shipping please email me first before placing a deposit.  Email

You are welcome to fly into Columbia, SC Airport to pick up your puppy. I will meet you there with all you need to fly home with your puppy.  Fee applies. Please email me first before placing a deposit.   Email for info.

We no longer have a delivery service.

Currently No Cockapoo Puppies Are Available

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