ALL deposits are non-refundable and nontransferable unless the puppy is found to have a medical issue that will keep the Cockapoo Puppy from being a quality lifelong companion.   If, at the 7 week health check, the Cockapoo Puppy is determined to be unfit for purchase, the Buyer is entitled to 1) an available cockapoo puppy 2) refund of deposit or 3) place your name at the top of the Wait List.
Puppies are evaluated daily for temperament; how their personalities are developing for their age on a consistent basis once they begin to walk (about 3 weeks of age). Neither the Mom nor I develops/molds the personality of a puppy.  We are just the start of the process!  When Cockapoo Puppies go home between seven and eight weeks old they are happy, inquisitive, energetic, playful and sweet natured. It is the new families' job to further develop and enhance what is started here.  New Families will continue to develop their puppy's personality and build on their great temperament by socialization, training, building respect and love.  In return, the bond will be remarkable and your Cockapoo puppy will mature to a dog that everyone will want to take home for themselves!


Deposits are $300 Plus $12 PayPal Fees

Deposits are not refundable for ANY reason prior to pick up unless at the 7 week well pet veterinarian visit my veterinarian finds a health issue that renders the puppy unfit for purchase.  No exceptions.  If this happens your options are 1) select an available puppy or
2) refund of deposit.

Puppies go home between 7-8 weeks of age. All of our puppies come  home with age appropriate vaccines, vet checked w/fecal exam, de-wormed and a Health Warranty. The average size of our puppies as adults is 15-25 pounds but can vary, some are smaller, some are larger based on size of parents and past litters.

UPDATED: 11/12/19

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