Cockapoo Colors

Cockapoos come in many colors.  The Cockapoo Colors Acura Cockapoos, Inc. typically offers are Sable, Chocolate Brown, Phantom, Particolors, Apricot, Red, Buff, Cream, Black.  There are many shades/variations in these colors depending on the color pedigree of the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.

Sable Cockapoo: Sable is the dilute of the black or brown gene. The sable newborn puppy will have a base coat that is black or brown with tan highlights & then, as the hair grows in, it begins to lighten.  If the initial coat is brown, then the pup turns a gold with brown tips on ears, mustache, and possibly on the tips of feet & tail.  If the newborn coat appears black, then the coat may come in to be a silver with black tips.  There maybe a black stripe down the center of the back as well.

Phantom Cockapoo: The main body of the Cockapoo is Black or Chocolate Brown with markings in white, silver, tan or red; the markings are spots over eyes, on the sides of the cheeks, under tail, inside ears and on lower legs.  Sometimes there is a bar or "T" of color on their chests.

Parti Color Cockapoo: The Cockapoo is typically 75% white and 25% of another color such as red, chocolate brown or black. 

Apricot Cockapoo: Is the most popular Cockapoo Color. From a light peach color to a darker peach color and in between.

Black Cockapoo: Solid Black

Chocolate Cockapoo: Can vary from a light milk chocolate brown to a deep rich chocolate brown. Some chocolate Cockapoos have blue eyes as adults.

Red Cockapoo: Red when born and can darken to a deep Irish setter red rust tone. Red is another popular Cockapoo color. 

Cream or Buff Cockapoo:  A light color similar to cream or taupe.

Sable Cockapoo
Apricot to Red Cockapoo
Black Phantom Particolor Cockapoo
Red Cockapoo
Chocolate Cockapoo
Apricot Cockapoo
Cream/Buff Cockapoo
Black Phantom Cockapoo
Apricot Cockapoo
Black Cockapoo
Red & White Particolor Cockapoo
Chocolate Cockapoo
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