First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
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Cockapoo Health

All of our Cocker Spaniel Moms and Poodle Dads get excellent veterinarian and every day care.  They are seen routinely for health exams by our regular veterinarian and they are current on all vaccines including yearly vaccines, rabies, current on heartworm and flea preventative and have routine de-worming. Our F1 Cockapoo Puppies come from cocker/poodle parents who have no history of hereditary disease(s). All parents all registered with the County as we are inspected yearly for our licensing.  Should the need arise they are seen by both canine ophthalmologists and orthopedic veterinarians.  They are also groomed by a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks.  All of our adults and Cockapoo puppies are fed a high quality dog food, Purina Pro Plan FOCUS for optimum overall health and well being. Moms are given prenatal vitamins and when they are about 5 weeks pregnant are switched to Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Puppy food.  We spare no expense in the care of our cocker moms, poodle dads, f1 Cockapoo puppies.  This is so we can do the best we can and the most we can to provide you with a healthy Cockapoo puppy for many happy years to come!


Acura Cockapoos, Inc. DNA tests all of our dogs for PRA-prcd.  There are no other DNA/genetic health tests available for the more common hereditary issues such as cataracts and luxating patellas.  This test allow us to guarantee your puppy will never be afflicted with this hereditary eye disease/condition. DNA testing is performed by PawPrint Genetics

Can you tell me more about the health of a cockapoo and hybrid vigor?

By crossbreeding a 100% cocker spaniel to a 100% poodle, thereby producing first generation cockapoos, you effectively open up the gene pool and thus help deter some of the hereditary health issues prominent in the individual breeds.  (Please notice that I said "deter" not "eliminate".) The probability of heredity health issues are much higher in purebreds than in cross breeds.  That is not to say that cross breeds will  never have any issues, but rather that hereditary health related issues are greatly statistically reduced.  Many refer to this as "hybrid vigor".    I have heard many times of people having healthy cockapoos that are 15+ years.  It's not that uncommon in the cockapoo.  Please be aware, that by breeding cockapoos to cockapoos, and producing 2nd generation and beyond, you potentially loose some of the hybrid health vigor because you are once again breeding cocker spaniel genes to cocker spaniel genes and poodle genes to poodle genes thereby doubling up on the potential hereditary problems that afflict each purebred parent.   First Generation and Beyond is a page created by Tonia Hatcher @ Attala County Cockapoos.

Do you CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) or OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America for Luxating Patellas and Hip Dysplasia) your parent dogs? 

No.  CERF and OFA are exams on the parent dogs that only tell you that the dog does not present with a problem at the time of examination.  These tests are not DNA/genetic tests like the test for PRA-prcd.   These tests give you, the consumer, a false sense of security.  It does not tell the breeder or the consumer if the dog "carries a recessive genetic trait" for that particular affliction.

For instance, I am brown eyed, which is a dominant trait.  Yet, I have two green eyed children. Green eyes is a trait that is recessive to brown eyes.   The only way for me to produce green eyed offspring would be that I carry a recessive trait for green eyes even though I do not have green eyes.  The same can be true of a parent dog and a health issue.  The dog can carry for the issue even though it is not afflicted with the issue.  The only true testing for hereditary issues would be genetic testing. 

I have researched the genetic testing and at present, there are no genetic tests for the most common health issues in cocker or poodles except PRA-prcd.  At present the best I, or any breeder, can do is try to acquire dogs that come from parents that are not afflicted w/ any health issues, have my vet routinely examine adult dogs for the presence of any health issues, retire dogs as soon as I find out they may have produced a puppy with an issue and retire dogs that develop issues themselves. 

Any breeder that tells you they can guarantee puppies because their dogs are issue free since they have been health tested is misleading the consumer unless they are genetic testing (and as I have said, my investigations have revealed that genetic testing is not available for the most common health issues to cockers and poodles.) 

Does Heterosis or Hybrid Vigor really make a First Generation Cockapoo healthier for the long term?


First Generation and Beyond for more info.