Cockapoo Puppy Prices and Deposit Information

Here at Acura Cockapoos, Inc., our main goal is to place our puppies in a loving pet/companion home for it's lifetime.  Our Cockapoo Puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts.

Cockapoo Puppy Prices

By placing a Nonrefundable/Transferable deposit you agree to the T&C of the Health Warranty!

We will NOT hold a puppy without a NON Refundable/Transferable deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS! All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE  for any reason accept if at the 7 week veterinarian well puppy check up my vet finds the puppy unfit for purchase. The determination to refund is based solely on my veterinarian findings.

Once you have reserved your puppy for a specified price and later a similar puppy is offered at a lesser price, the price of your puppy does not change. We sometimes, not often, reduce the prices of particular puppies as they age or change, etc.

Acura Cockapoos, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to place a puppy with a family even after a deposit has been accepted. Sometimes after a period of emailing and phone calls, things come to light or become clear which make me feel I will not be able to work comfortably with an individual/family and keeping my pup's best interest in mind, I prefer to place it in a different home. If I exercise this right, the deposit will be returned in full and all business between Seller/Buyer is completed. Under no circumstances will we sell to pet shops or brokers.


Included with Cockapoo Puppies*:

  • Health Warranty
  • Tails are docked and dew claws are removed. No exceptions.
  • Age appropriate wormings.
  • Vet Checked just before going home to insure your puppy is healthy before leaving our care.
  • Fecal exam with our veterinarian to insure when your puppy leaves our care there are no internal parasites present at the time of examination.
  • First Puppy Vaccine (DAPP).   This vaccine assists in building immunity and provide peace of mind for you that your puppy is well on his way to being fully able to ward off infectious diseases.  This is the first DAPP in a series of three vaccines three weeks apart.
  • Microchipped for Theft/Loss - Any puppy discounted for any reason is not microchipped.
  • Vaccination/worming/health record keeper for your veterinarian.  This is essential for your first puppy visit with the veterinarian.
  • I am here to help if you need assistance. If it is a medical emergency, do not call me, go directly to your veterinarian or a 24 hour emergency animal hospital.
  • Best of all, a well socialized, happy, loving Cockapoo!

We Offer a Military Discount. The discount will be no SC Sales Tax (6%) charged to you as well as a prepaid Registration Microchip. (For instance if you purchase a $1500 puppy you will not be charged the $90 for the 6% SC Sales Tax. We will pay your Sales Tax for you as our thank you for  your service!) The Military Discount requires a Photo Military ID: 1) the person on the ID has to be the purchaser and 2) the name the contract will be under for the puppy.  In other words, you can not use dad's military ID to purchase your puppy. This discount does not apply to any puppy already discounted, on sale, etc.

NOTE: We NEVER knowingly send home a puppy that is ill or has a health issue!  If a puppy has a health issue identified at the well puppy visit that makes the puppy unfit for purchase I will call and discuss the problem with you so you can make an informed decision on what to do.

All PayPal fees are the responsibility of the Buyer in all instances including refunds.

Shipping is limited to certain times of the year due to the temperature restrictions with the airlines.  Email for info.

You are welcome to fly into Columbia, SC Airport to pick up your puppy. I will meet you there with all you need to fly home with your puppy.  Fee applies. Email for info.

We do not have a delivery service.

A Home For Life
We have a policy here that if for any reason you cannot care for your dog at any time in its lifetime, it has a home here with us.  We believe rescue begins at home.  We know sometimes situations arise where families cannot keep their pet so we will take back our Cockapoos and rehome them.  We are ultimately responsible for every puppy that is born here and we want to be sure that our puppies are never abandoned into an animal shelter, dog pound, research facility, etc.  Puppies are a big commitment to you, their new family, but a larger commitment to us, the breeder, as we take raising these cutie-poo Cockapoos very seriously and finding them the best forever homes just as seriously.

  Cockapoo Breeder of First Generation Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in South Carolina
Chocolate Brown, Black, Red, Apricot, Cream, Particolor and Phantom Cockapoos, SC
Phone: 803-446-2400        Email:

Apricot, Red, Buff, Cream, Red/White Particolors & Chocolates $1500
Other Particolors, Sables & High Mark Black Phantoms $1400
Black & Light Mark Black Phantom $1200
Families picking up their puppy in SC will be charged SC State Tax of 6%