Two Days Old       
This is FRED!  He's a solid sable.
He is now loved & adored by the Eckert Family!
Fourteen Days Old
Six Weeks  Old
Fred at 15 months old.  He's a very handsome fella! 

Thanks to the Eckert family who have provided me pictures of Fred growing up so I could show you how a sable matures. 

The Eckerts love him to death and say, " Isn't he adorable!!!  We absolutely love him and he brings so much joy and laughter to our family every day.  We were so lucky to find you and this little guy who we love so much." 

I've been blessed to have him in such a caring, happy, loving home!

Sable Cockapoos 

SABLE is the dilute of the chocolate, red or black gene. If the base color (undercoat) of a newborn puppy is chocolate, the dog's adult coat will come in gold or mixed silver/gold with darker tipping on ears, around beard, and sometimes on the tip of tail and/or feet. Sable Cockapoos have a variety of coloring (buff, gold, gray), but the coats of sable Cockapoo puppies will turn gradually lighter until they reach their adult coloring by about one year of age.  Many have a dark stripe down their back when they are mature. 

Here is another link for Sable Cocker Spaniels that explains the color and pattern.
This is Fred at seven months old! 
This is BEAU at 3 days old before tails were docked and tails removed.
This is BEAU at 10 days old.
This is BEAU at almost 4 weeks old.
This is BEAU at almost 7 weeks old.

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