First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
Located in South Carolina! Our F1 Mini Cockapoo Puppies are in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, USA & Canada!


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Our Miniature Poodle Sires

These are the three poodle dads that produce our cutie-poo Cockapoo Puppies!

All are DNA tested with PawPrint Genetics for PRA-prcd. 
All are healthy in all respects...mentally and physically. 
They are social, happy and sweet natured.
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Red Mini Poodle
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Produces some of the prettiest F1 Cockapoo Puppies in looks, coat and temperament in cream/buff, apricot, red and red and white particolor.  He is a outgoing, happy, funny dog with a loving spirit.  He is a young dog with lots of energy and sweetness!
PRA-prcd - Carrier

Brown and White Particolor Poodle
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Produces some of the prettiest F1 Cockapoo Puppies in looks, coat and temperament in brown, brown & white particolor, red and black.  He is only bred to cocker spaniels darker in color (black, black phantom, sable, chocolate).  Handsome is a laid back, even tempered boy with an amazing personality. He loves to fetch and is very athletic.
PRA-prcd - Normal

Red Miniature Poodle

Chili came to Acura Cockapoos, Inc. early in 2017.  His first litter of 4 red f1 Cockapoo puppies arrived in July, 2017.  I am very pleased to have him join us! Chili is sweet laid back fellow but has bursts of energy when it comes to a good game of chase!  After that, a siesta in the sun is in order!
PRA-prcd - Normal