First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
Located in South Carolina! Our F1 Mini Cockapoo Puppies are the BEST COCKAPOOS Anywhere!


Below are some items to get before you bring home your new puppy! 

A quality puppy kibble.
We feed Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice formula.

I highly recommend a crate for crate training. I recommend a wire crate (about 30"x19"x21").  Your puppy is accustomed to & has been staying in  a wire crate here. Make sure you block off just a small portion for a puppy.  I recommend a crate with a divider so that you can make the crate size adjustable as the puppy grows.   When crate training your puppy, you want the area just big enough for them to stand up, turn  around and lay down.  If yours does not come with a divider, you can stack boxes in one in to limit the puppies' space.  These crates are wonderful to create your pup's "home at home".  It will  provide him/her with their own space for quiet time, napping, etc. 

Food & Water Bowls - I prefer the crock style as they are hard for puppy to tip over.  Easily cleaned up by placing in the dishwasher & less likely to harbor germs/bacteria.

Bedding - Initially, I usually use old dish cloths, towels or t-shirts because there will be some soiling and those are easily washed or thrown out.

Toys - Good Chew Bones/Toys  - Kong  makes a wonderful toy that you fill w/ treats, human grade p'nut butter or squirt cheese.  Great for keeping your puppy entertained & out of  trouble.  Crunch & Crinkle Toys...puppies LOVE the toys that sound like paper crinkling every time they touch it! Latex toys...these are easy to squeek since they are so soft/pliable. Get small ones so the puppy can pick them up and carry them around.

Collar & Leash - Your puppy will need a collar and leash. A collar — plain or fancy — holds your pup’s dog license and identification tag, which lists your name and phone number. The collar attaches to the leash, which you will need to walk your puppy.  Get a small collar and a 6' leash.  Do not use a retractable leash with a puppy!

Grooming Supplies -  I would get a good soft bristle brush and comb, nail clippers, shampoo, doggie dental supplies (toothbrush & paste).

Shampoo - Oatmeal shampoo will do the trick!  Mane and Tail from Tractor Supply is another favorite.  At this age there is no need for a conditioner.

One or more ways to clean up the poop that your puppy will producing regularly. If you will be walking your puppy in neighborhoods,you can use a little waist pack or cheap sandwich bags and some plastic bags from the grocery store.   Place one over your hand, pick up the mess and turn the bag inside out over the mess and close up the bag. Also, for yard use, a long-handled pooper scooper is very useful.

Flea and Heartworm Preventative - Talk with Your Veterinarian at your initial vet visit.