Visiting Policy

Puppies are selected by pictures only!  No visits until puppies are at least 5 weeks of age. No exceptions!

Only families who have reserved a puppy are allowed to schedule a visit and puppies must be 5 weeks old before a visit.

"Can we visit your facility, dogs and puppies before joining the Waiting list?"  "We're still deciding on a breed and would like to spend time with the puppies to decide which breed is best for us." 

There are breeders who will allow you to do just that and they'll tell you to be aware of breeders who don't.  My opinion is to be aware of breeders who will allow just anyone to visit at any time.  It's kind of like saying that you are thinking about having a child and would like to hang out in the hospital nursery if that's ok.  The answer would be no.  Why?  It's far too risky.  Parvovirus and perhaps Distemper is always the main concern.  Unless I plan to treat my driveway, sidewalk, house, puppy nursery and bath each puppy after every visitor, I am risking exposing my dogs, pups and grounds to Parvo and other disease(s) which if untreated, can live up to 1 year on any surface in the warmest and coldest of temperatures.  The mortality rate for a puppy exposed to Parvo is minimally 86%.  Let's say that you reserved a puppy that was a few weeks old and we allowed visitors in and out and your puppy was exposed to Parvo and possibly other disease(s) because of a generous visiting policy.  How would you feel if we had to call you to tell you that you can not pick up your puppy because it has been exposed to Parvo and more than likely will not survive?  To allow anyone to visit would greatly increase the amount of traffic on our property which in turn, would greatly increase health risks to our puppies.  This is just not something that we are willing to compromise on.  There are many families who understand and appreciate our policy as it keeps their puppy better protected until it is old enough to leave us and join their family.  If you are not happy with that policy, you can find another breeder.  As a breeder, the safety and health of our puppies is number one priority.

I want to say I used to allow visitors to the nursery, moms/dads, the grounds and yes, a family, unknowingly I am sure, brought parvovirus into the nursery.  It was a devastating experience for me, my families that had deposits on puppies, my vet and his staff and others.  We tried everything possible to save each puppy (we lost 19 puppies!) including blood transfusions from poodle dads, IV therapy, antibiotics, blood testing, meetings with pathologists to see if another possibility such as food contamination were present, necropsies to see if there were another virus/bacterial infection were present and it all came back to parvovirus.  Since then the policy is no one is allowed to visit until puppies are 5 weeks old.

Puppies must be at least 5 weeks of age. 1) visits are always and only scheduled the Saturday following your puppy turning 5 wks old, 2) visits are at my convenience, 3) if another litter is going home that Saturday there are no visits, 4) no more than 30 minutes long as puppies tire quickly.  Pick ups are scheduled the Saturday following your puppy turning 7 wks old.  Puppies must go home on the dates specified when you select your puppy.  Remember visits are only allowed if no other puppies are going home that Saturday after your puppy turns 5 weeks old.  Sometimes visits are just not possible.  Sundays are our only day to spend as a family because our Saturdays are usually busy with visits or pick ups so no visits are allowed on Sundays.

*Children must be supervised by their parents at all times.  They must be seated when holding the Cockapoo puppies.

**As for visiting adult dogs (our cocker moms and poodle dads) you can view them through the fencing or from afar (this depends on weather) but you cannot interact with them. My blanket insurance policy prohibits interaction with the adult dogs due to the possibility of liability.  One family may be okay if one of the dogs in excitement jumped up and scratched their arm and another family will sue me for a viscous dog.  The insurance policy requires this even though we have never had an aggressive incident. 

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