First Generation Cockapoo Puppies
Located in South Carolina! Our F1 Mini Cockapoo Puppies are in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, USA & Canada!


Wait List Policies
Take time to read the information provided to you.  By placing a nonrefundable/transferable deposit you agree to and accept the the Wait List Policies and the Health Warranty.

Wait List Policies

  • DEPOSITS ARE NOT TAKEN BY INDIVIDUAL MOMS!  There is one list!  As each litter is born I start at the top of the wait list and work my way down.
  • Please read the HEALTH WARRANTY as once you place a NonRefundable/Transferable deposit to be on the wait list or for an available Cockapoo puppy you are agreeing to the HEALTH WARRANTY.
  • You can take a puppy from the litter that is offered or wait for a future litter.  If you wait for another litter you do not lose your place in line. You will move up as those in front of you select their puppy.
  • As soon as puppies are born I will let you know they have arrived via email and in that email I will send a link where I will post some "family" pictures so you can see the puppies.
  • At approximately two to three weeks old; fat, healthy & eyes open,  I will take individual pictures, post on the link previously provided and start puppy selection.
  • Once notified it is their turn to select a puppy, each family will have 24 hours to decide on their puppy or wait for another litter.  Puppies are selected by viewing the pictures ONLY.
  • If you choose to wait for another litter, you will keep your spot on the Wait List and move up as those in front of you select a Cockapoo Puppy.
  • Puppies are selected in the order in which deposits are received.
  • If I don't hear from you when it is your turn to pick out your puppy (within your 24 hours) you will forfeit your deposit.
  • You have six months from the date of your deposit to select a Cockapoo puppy. After six months from date of deposit you have not selected a puppy, your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Deposits are NON Refundable for ANY reason unless at the well puppy checkup my vet finds a health issue that makes the puppy unfit for purchase.  If this should happen (very rare) I will call you to discuss the issue and your options would be 1) refund of your deposit, 2) select an available puppy or 3) go back on the list at the top of the list.
  • Deposits are NON Transferable.  Once you have selected a puppy deposits are not transferable to another puppy or to go back to the Wait List.  Once you select a puppy that is the puppy you will go home with unless you forfeit our deposit, place another deposit and 1) select another available puppy or 2) go back on the Wait List at the bottom of the list.
  • Occasionally a Mom that has been bred does not get pregnant.  This does not mean a refund of your deposit. It means you will remain on the Wait List until you select a puppy.
  • Colors are probable and not guaranteed in any one litter.  No refunds if the color/gender are not produced in a specific litter.

PUPPIES MUST GO HOME ON DATES SPECIFIED when puppies are offered to you at selection. No exceptions!  This means I will not hold for vacations, illness(es), school outings, holidays, etc. 

Shipping is not available however you are welcome to fly into Columbia, SC Airport to pick up your puppy. I will meet you there with all you need to fly home with your puppy.  Fee applies. Email for info.

We no longer have a delivery service.

Nonrefundable/Transferable Deposits are $350 + $11 PayPal fees and the deposit only applies to the price of the puppy @ pick up.
All PayPal Fees are always the responsibility of the Buyer even if a refund is given.

Cockapoo Puppy Pricing:
All Chocolate, All Particolors, Apricot, Reds, Cream/Buff - $1600
Black, Black Phantom, Black Tuxedo - $1250
Final Balance payable CASH only at pick up.

Families Currently on the Wait List (7/20/17):

1.   Carter - Color Undecided (Prefer Brown or B/W), Female
2.   Noe - Apricot or Red, Male
3.  Wilson - Darker Color, Female
4.  Waits - Apricot, Gender Undecided
5.  Forsyth - Undecided

Click the BuyNow PayPal Button to make a NonRefundable Deposit on a Cockapoo Pupppy.
Deposits are $350 (applied to the price of the puppy) + $11 PayPal Fees
Remainder Due Cash Only @ Pick Up
(Includes 6% SC Sales Tax)

Please take a minute to read over the Wait List Policies above as well as the Health Warranty.
By making your NON Refundable Non Transferable deposit you are agreeing to both documents.
If you do not want to place a Wait List deposit you can email and ask to be on the Contact List.   Everyone on this list receives  the same email at the same time when puppies are made available after those on the paid Wait List have selected their Cockapoo Puppy.  Any puppies not selected will be placed on the Available Puppies Page of the website.    If there is nothing that interests you in that litter when I send out the  email do nothing and you will be notified when I make the next litter available.  Send and EMAIL.