Cockapoo Breeder of First Generation Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in South Carolina
Chocolate Brown, Black, Red, Apricot, Cream, Particolor and Phantom Cockapoos, SC
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Wait List Policies

PUPPIES MUST GO HOME ON DATES SPECIFIED when puppies are offered to you at selection. No exceptions!  This means I will not hold for vacations, illness(es), school outings, holidays, etc. 

Shipping is limited to certain times of the year due to the temperature restrictions with the airlines.  If you require shipping please email me first before placing a deposit.  Email

You are welcome to fly into Columbia, SC Airport to pick up your puppy. I will meet you there with all you need to fly home with your puppy.  Fee applies. Email for info.

We no longer have a delivery service.

Nonrefundable/Transferable Deposits are $340 + $13 PayPal fees and the deposit only applies to the price of the puppy @ pick up.
All PayPal Fees are always the responsibility of the Buyer  even if a refund is given.
Cockapoo Puppy Prices:                         Apricot, Red, Buff, Cream, Red/White Particolors & Chocolates $1500
Other Particolors, Sables & High Mark Black Phantoms $1400
Black & Light Mark Black Phantom $1200

All Families picking up their puppy will be charged 6% SC Sales Tax

There are no guarantees for color, sex, size in any litter. The more flexible you are the quicker you will get your puppy.
Final Balance payable CASH only at pick up.


Click the PayPal Logo to Make a NonRefundable $340 (plus $13 PayPal Fees) NonRefundable Deposit for a Puppy! 

Read the Wait List Policies and the HEALTH WARRANTY .  By making your nonrefundable/transferable deposit you are agreeing to the terms of both of these documents.

Once your Deposit is Received Your Name will be Placed on the List Below. I will send a confirmation email to you that you are now on the Wait List.

Those currently on the Wait List are:

1.  McKinley - Apricot, Buff, Cream, Red/White Parti Male
2. Swofford - Light Color, Gender Undecided
3. McDougal - Brown or Br/White Parti, Male
4. Jensen - Light Color, Gender Undecided
5. Carroll - Brown Female
6. Brailey - Brown Female
7. Weaver - Color Undecided, Female
8.  Fowler - Color Undecided, Male
As of March 23, 2017 there are 8 families on the Wait List. Scroll down to see the list of families names, what they're looking for and to make your PayPal deposit to get on the Wait List. Take a minute to read the Wait List Policies as well as the HEALTH WARRANTY before placing a non-refundable/transferable deposit. 

Apricot, Red, Buff, Cream, Red/White Particolors, Chocolates  $1500

Other Particolors, Sables & High Mark Black Phantoms $1400

Black & Light Mark Black Phantom $1200

SC Sales Tax 6% applies to those who pick up their puppy in SC.